Sola Coffee Cafe

Yesterday I checked out Sola Coffee Café, down the street from where I live. The staff was super friendly and being in North Raleigh Suburbia the cafe attracts a local crowd.

I enjoyed a mason jar of iced coffee while I was there and it was A+. My favorite place to sit and hang out is at the Wi-Fi bar where each seat has access to its own individual outlet. No struggling to reach your cord to some outlet across a few peoples tables.

If you’re looking to grab a bite to eat you can get smashed avocado toast after 2pm or the mini doughnuts they’re known for. I recommend this coffee shop as a place to grab a bite with friends or study during the day. When the weather is nice it can get pretty crowded so plan ahead.


Dozens of Doughnuts

I love the idea of running. I’m never happy about it until I’m done but nonetheless I keep doing it. Maybe it was the thrill of a new challenge but somehow my friends convinced me to run the Krispy Kreme Challenge. It was all under the guise of it being an essential activity for anyone living in Raleigh.

The challenge is to run 2.5 miles, eat 12 donuts and run 2.5 miles back in under an hour. I made it in 58:18. I remember getting to the last mile and giving myself a pep talk. “You got this, you ran this far damn right you’re going to finish in under an hour. You didn’t eat a dozen donuts to not succeed.” My internal monologue somehow drove my legs continuously forward.

I have zero desire to do this next year. By my seventh donut and third stack that was gulped down with copious amounts of water I was ready to quit. As I ran down the street and watched others puke I was going to start walking. When I ran through the finish line I considered just laying down in the street from sheer exhaustion.

This is probably one of the more grueling Raleigh traditions but you gain major bragging rights if you can complete it in under an hour. That’s me… over here…I win ☺